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Former member back

Postby postpunkmonk » Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:58 pm

After a period of wilderness, I see that the forum has been born anew. I'm a casual Dolby fan who always has time for his work and only saw him [twice] after "A Map Of The Floating City" was released. Once at The Handlebar and once at Moogfest. As I am the Post-Punk Monk, my monastic devotion takes the form of compiling boxed sets of god® with no acknowledgement towards the secular world of labels and lawyers. I make the sort of products it would be my pleasure to buy, if they were feasible. I like to collect the entire canonical output of many artists and makes my own boxed sets compiling any tracks/versions not on the original albums. Live cuts, B-sides, remixes, or otherwise loose tracks on this or that soundtrack album. I painstakingly denoise vinyl masters by hand where necessary; sometimes making thousands of hand edits per track. Hence, my moniker. Of course, the '78-'85 period is the richest vein of music for me to turn my attentions toward.

I'm a graphic designer, so naturally, these works get pretty deluxe by the time I am done with them. I am always working on buying the material that I need to compile this work with my limited budget so it usually takes me 7-10 years to obtain the necessary source discs before I commence the work. Constantly doing discographical research all the while.

For the last five years I've blogged on these and many other relevant topics at the blog referenced in my signature. I take my lunch hour at work to do this since I'm at my desk with a hour of time to myself for almost the only time in my day. Hence the typos and occasionally mangled syntax as I sometimes lose the plot while typing frantically, the first drafts that get posted as soon as they are done. There's a friendly and vibrant dialogue between the commenters as well. Lots of friendly regulars make the blog a small community. If it's for you, join in the conversation. I don't do social media, so this is it for me.

I am also a member of several other forums. OMD [official] as revo, and John Foxx [official], SoSimpleMinded [unofficial] as postpunkmonk.
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Re: Former member back

Postby Lunesse » Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:52 am

Welcome back! =)

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